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Security Risk Analysis

COBRA Risk Consultant is designed specifically to maximise the benefits of a Risk Assessment program. It was developed following a research period of several years, and employs what is termed a 'new generation' approach to the topic.

Many of its features are unique. It offers distinct advantages over traditional review tools:

COBRA Risk Consultant will:

It will objectively and meticulously evaluate the relative importance of all threats and vulnerabilities, and generate appropriate solutions and recommendations. It will also automatically link the risks identified with the potential implications for the business unit. Alternatively, a particular area or issue can be examined 'stand alone', without any impact association.

The COBRA Risk Consultant approach offers a unique and distinct approach to security risk analysis, one which we believe will prove invaluable to all types of organization, regardless of size or sector.


The best way to establish whether it is suitable for you is to try it for yourself... which we have made possible!

You can now visit the developers *download page* and download a fully functional evaluation/trial copy.

You may contact them or us for the activation key.

Security Risk Assessment
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